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King Cole Backup Black Saftey Data Sheet

Here is the saftey sheet info for the product we use in our tubed king cole backup black. Please note that this is not the same as vintage tubes of King Cole Japan Black produced in the 1900's and sold by compnaies such as Geo Watson.

Backup Black is a solvent based ink that can be used for screen printing or hand lettering when gilding on glass. It is not the ideal for outlines or use that will be exposed directly in sunlight as it will fade over time faster than black enamel paint. 
Please use precautions when using this product and make sure to have air flow and air venting measures in place. Do not use around children, do not ingest or ignite. Use at your own risk. 

If you want to purchase more 6100 series ink in larger quantities than the 4 oz tubes we sell, visit Mclogan.com or contact a local dealer near you.