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Sign Supplies links

Here are some links to shop for more Sign Painting supplies we have found useful.

Enamel Paints
1-Shot Lettering Black 8 oz.
1-Shot Lettering White 8 oz.
1-Shot Bright Red Lettering Enamel 8 oz.
For More 1-Shot Color options click here 

Ronan Lettering Enamels

Alphanamel Color Pack 8 oz.
For More Alphanamel Color Options click here

Thinners & Additives
1-Shot Harderner
Alphanamel Hardener
1-Shot High Temp Reducer
1-Shot Low Temp Reducer
1-Shot Brush Cleaner & Conditioner

Marking - Pounce Powder, Pencils & Transfer Paper
Hancy White Chalk Powder
Hancy Blue Chalk Powder
Hancy Pink Chalk Powder
Airfloat Black Charcoal
Stabillo Pencil set (red, white, black)
White - Staedtler Lumocolour Non Permanent Omnichrom Pencil (box of 12)
Red - Staedtler Lumocolour Non Permanent Omnichrom Pencil
Saral Transfer Paper - Red
Saral Transfer Paper - White
Dress Makers Pattern Paper 45''x 30 yards
Large Pounce Wheels
Small Pounce Wheels
Clearprint Design Vellum 11x17
Clearprint Design Vellum Roll 36''x 10 yards

Paint Mixing Supplies
Paint Strainers
3 oz. Paper Dixie Cups (non-wax)
10 oz. Mixing Cups (automotive paint grade)
Enamel Coated Metal  Mixing Cups

Gilding Supplies
W&B Gold Leaf
Dux Quick Size
Dux Slow Size
Epiphanes Marine Grade Spar Varnish
Epiphanes Brushing Thinner
Aluminum & Bronze Powders
Leaf Brush (for removing excess leaf)

Excel Mahl Stick - Aluminum
Alpha 6 Mahl Sticks

Yellow Frog Tape (Delicate, great for smooth panels and glass with Enamel paint)
Oracal Pinstriping Tape

Paint Spraying System Supplies
3M Performance Spray Gun Starter Kit PPS 2.0
3M PPS 2.0 Paint Spray Cup Replacements
3M Spray PPS 2.0 System Tip replacements
M3800 RapidAir MaxLine 1/2" Compressed Air Tubing Commercial / Shop Piping Kit

North American Sign Supplies 
McLogan - Southern California
Dick Blick - National Chain art store - (Actually started many years ago by a Sign Painter named Dick Blick!)
N Glantz & Sons - National Supplier
Sepp Leaf - New York
Letterhead Sign Supply 
Alpha 6
Regional Supply
Pacific Coast Sign Supply

If you have any suggestions for links, please let us know!